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If you believe that upon return to your home country you’re at a genuine risk of being exposed to torture, inhumane or degrading treatment; punishment or death, then you may be eligible to claim UK Asylum.

Immigration Helpline UK makes the process of applying for UK Asylum simple. The service we provide is fast, efficient and affordable -that’s why thousands of people look to us when applying for UK Asylum. No hassle, no hidden costs, just peace of mind and a quality service every time.

Step 1

Complete an online assessment form. This will allow our network of legal experts to check if you meet the requirements to make a UK Asylum claim.

Step 2

A service agent will then contact you to gather any additional details in order for our network to guide you towards the best solution.

At this stage a member of our network who is best suited for your appeal is selected.

Step 3

Once a solution has been agreed upon, you’ll then pay a fixed fee for the service. There are no hidden charges, no hourly rates.

Additional information…

If you require further information on how to make a UK Asylum claim contact us via telephone.

Our Service Explained

Immigration Helpline UK serves as an intermediary agent for all types of UK immigration matters, connecting you with a network of leading Immigration Experts who have completed thousands of successful applications. Our Immigration network will take care of every part your application process. They will complete those lengthy forms and ensure you submit the necessary documents.

Why choose us?

  1. With us you can apply for your UK Asylum from anywhere in the world.
  2. We are an experienced and innovative service providing a long term solution within Immigration. For instance, our Case Management System is an advanced tool that is unique to our service and designed to enable clients to manage their Immigration matter.
  3. Want transparency?  Our service costs are provided upfront and they’re fixed. No hourly rates and no hidden charges.
  4. We’re a success. Our service delivers on time and 99% of our customers are happy with the service we provide.
  5. We’re flexible – Our solutions are tailor-made and can be adapted to suit your case.

How the process works – a summary

Initial Stages

  1. Complete an online assessment to allow our network to check if you meet the requirements of your case.
  2. One of our service agents gather additional details of your circumstances, and then liaise with our network of legal experts in order to guide you towards the best solution.
  3. Once a solution has been agreed upon, you’ll then pay a fixed fee for the service. There are no hidden charges, no hourly rates.
  4. The appointed Immigration Expert will handle your case, giving you just one point of contact.
  5. You can access your allocated caseworker via an online portal, which will enable you to ask questions, upload documents and oversee your application. The portal allows you to manage and track your case online, providing 100% confidentiality and 100% security.

Next Steps

  1. You’ll then undergo a telephone consultation with qualified legal expert. At this point, all matters concerning your case will be referred to your caseworker. They will offer advice compile case law and apply the necessary legal representations to your case. 
  2. Your case will then be reviewed to ensure that everything is accurate, present and correct. All the paperwork will be checked and final documents will be organised to present your case as professionally as possible giving it every chance of success.
  3. Your case will then be made ready for submission to the relevant authority either by you, or your legal professional can submit them on your behalf.
  4. Once your case has been submitted, you can use the online portal to monitor its progress and check for updates.  It usually takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks* for a decision to come back.

*2 to 8 weeks is an estimated figure. This may vary, in some instances faster and in other instances longer depending on your case.

Do it online - Do it quicker!

Start online now, check your eligibility and get application advice by completing our Online Assessment.

This 3 stage assessment will allow our network of experts to carefully look at your eligibility and tailor a service for your needs.

Whether your application is a simple Tourist Visa or a complicated Appeal we can help, start online now...